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Dujuan is an inquisitive ten-year-old Arrernte/Garrwa boy who speaks three languages, understands his Aboriginal culture, loves his country and the natural world and seems to have a happy future in Mparntwe (Alice Springs). At home he is bright and contented, but problems begin at his mainstream school. His teachers are not trained to appreciate the students’ Indigenous knowledge, and the books that Dujuan must read speak of an Australia that is not his at all. As he faces increasing scrutiny from welfare and police, his family battle to keep him safe, grounded in language, culture and identity – the only solution they know works.

In My Blood It Runs follows Dujuan’s attempts to reconcile the traditions he holds dear with the colonised world he’s forced to inhabit. A personal documentary told with a perceptive eye, poetic imagery and made in collaboration with Dujuan and his family, Maya Newell crafts another essential portrait of Australian youth, putting the plight of the Northern Territory’s Indigenous children in the spotlight.

 Thoughtful, passionate and deeply illuminating, In My Blood It Runs is a must for all who care about Australia’s shared future.

Film Information

Director:  Maya Newell

Stars: Carol Turner, Dujuan Turner, Megan Turner