The second feature by acclaimed female poet-writer-director Moussavi presents a picture of Kabul we rarely see. Conflict and suffering are not the story's main focus. In the spotlight is the beaming, hopeful and determined face of Hewad, a nine-year-old kid who pushes a rickety cart of goods all over town to raise money. Having lost both his father and brother, this lively lad with a smart business brain has assumed the role of family breadwinner. After meeting an unnamed Australian photographer, Hewad's dream of becoming a movie star may not seem so unlikely after all. This affecting slice-of-life tale is beautifully filmed and wonderfully well performed by a non-professional cast. Based on real events.

Film Information

Director:  Granaz Moussavi

Stars: Arafat Faiz, Elham Ahmad Ayazi, Saeeda Saadat