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Theatrical Releases

Bonsai Films has released numerous films either on behalf of clients or under their own banner. Theatrical releases include:

Shopkins Wild

(Australia, March 1, 2018)
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Pup Star Better2gether

(Australia, 25 February 2018)

Shopkins World Vacation

(Australia, October 5, 2017)

Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts


The Last Goldfish

(Australia, Su Goldfish, October 31, 2017)

Pup Star

(Australia, 25 November 2017)


(Argentina, Sebastian Borensztein)

Emo The Musical

(Australia, Neil Triffett, May 2017)

The Death and Life of Otto Bloom

(Australia, Cris Jones, March 2017)


(Australia, Heath Davis, April 2016)


(Australia, Martin Butler/Bentley Dean, Nov 2015)

The Tribe

(Ukraine, Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, Aug 2015)

Graceful Girls

(Australia, Olivia Peniston-Bird, Sept 2015)

Scare Campaign

(Australia, Colin & Cameron Cairnes, April 2015)

The Infinite Man

(Australia, Director Hugh Sullivan, 2014)


(Holland, Sacha Polak, 2012)

The Angels Share

(UK, Ken Loach, 2012)


(USA, Craig Zobel, 2013)

Minuscule The Valley of the Lost Ants

(France, Helene Giraud/Thomas Szabo, May 2014)

The Horseman

(Australia, Steve Kastrissios, 2010)

Maya The Bee Movie

(Australia/Germany, Alexs Staderman, Oct 2014)

Love, Lust and Lies

(Australia, Gillian Armstrong, 2010)

Shall We Kiss

(France, Emmanuel Mouret, 2009)

Every Jack Has a Jill

(France, Jennifer Devoldre, 2010)