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October 16th, 2020 - A Lion Returns

?a mini-miracle of local filmmaking

The searing new Australian drama, A Lion Returns, kicks off with a near-thirty-minute dialogue scene in the back of a parked car. It’s a bold, daring, potentially-audience-losing opening gambit, but the dialogue is so heightened and thematically packed that it explosively sets up what is to come, and lets the viewer know immediately that this is not a film that will offer any concessions or easy options. A Lion Returns is the second feature film from gifted Australian writer/director Serhat Caradee – who debuted way back in 2009 with the powerful drama thriller Cedar Boys – and it tackles a rolling swathe of Godfather-style themes, burning hot and very, very slowly toward a shattering climax.

Last updated on Friday October 16th 2020