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May 2, 2024 - First Light

3rd May 2024

Principal Photography is underway on First Light, an upcoming Australian-Filipino Co-production directed by James J. Robinson, with principal production funding from Screen Australia.

Ruby...

March 7, 2024 - The Nut Farm

7th March 2024

The Nut Farm follows a crypto trader who pivots into macadamia nut farming in the fictional Australian town of Cobweb.

April 25, 2024 - First Light

26th April 2024

Production has started in the Philippines on Filipino-Australian artist James J. Robinson’s debut feature, First Light, starring Ruby Ruiz. 

The UK's Independent Entertainment is...

March 7, 2024 - Inside

7th March 2024

Guy Pearce (“LA Confidential,” “Memento”) has recently wrapped production on “Inside,” an Australian crime thriller and coming of age drama film. The picture is... read more...