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13th January 2018

Who am I and where do I belong?

From Trinidad, to Australia, to Germany, and back again, The Last Goldfish spans almost a century as it tells the story of a daughter's search for the truth... read more...

13th January 2018

When someone says "Australian science fiction movie," thoughts immediately and inevitably turn to Mad Max - if not George Miller's insanely influential 1979 original, then to any of the sequels tha... read more...

11th December 2017

The filmmaking team behind the award winning Australian drama Broke has announced its next venture, Book Week to coincide with the upcoming national Book Week festivities.

Book Week, a come...

7th December 2017

They made a film with traditional South Pacific villagers who wear penis sheaths, shun electricity and still hunt with bows and arrows.

But since their inventive collaboration with a Vanuat...